This is pretty much the one and only build for infantry crossbowmen. On the right-hand side are the following icons: The compass can also be configured to display a clock in the corner, either displaying local time, server time or Tyrian time. Obviously, someone who pays for these studs and crystals can immediately buff their character cards way more than a free-to-play player can (upgrading Luke Skywalker costs 4000 studs, which is just ridiculous). Additionally, skill levels your leader has in party skills give a bonus to your companions' skills. Pressing M opens the game map. Recommended - Great - Viable. Hovering the icon shows what piece of armor is damaged/broken. You can't invite this user because you have blocked him. +2% party movement speed during nighttime, Increased chance to spot other roaming parties, +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on forests, +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on deserts, +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on hills, +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on marshes, +10% enemy morale loss with cavalry attacks, +60% archer damage in simulations while in forests, +50% infantry damage vs cavalry in simulations, +50% cavalry damage vs archers in simulations, Decreased army supply consumption and disorganised duration, Lower relationship penalty when using intimidation, -20% chance of being caught while sneaking in towns, Higher chance a bribe option appears in dialogue, -10% chance to alarm enemy settlements when passing nearby, +10% chance to gain +2 relations when introducing yourself to lords, +10% chance to have doubled persuasion success, +20% relationship gain with those of the opposite gender, +20% relationship gain with those of the same gender, +30% chance to negate relationship penalty from kingdom decisions, +10% chance for governor to gain +1 relation with random notable person (lord or noble) per day, +1 notable relations with settlement owner for every project completed, Clan member parties gain +10% influence from actions, +1 influence per day for each allied lord's party not currently in an army, and while waiting in the same town, +5 loyalty per day when you visit your settlements, +1 influence per day for every 5 charm skill points after 250, Medium XP boost each day for troops of tier 1-3, +20 morale in battles when you're attacking, +20 morale in battles when you're defending, +20% security effectiveness of town garrisons, +20% chance that militia spawns with more experienced troops, -20% influence needed to call parties to army, +10% more effective boosts from forum, festival, arena, temple, and market place, +20% faster notable recruit replenishment, +1 party capacity for every leadership skill point above 250, +5% selling price for your equipment and profits are marked, +5% selling price for your trade goods and profits are marked, -20% wages for caravans and +30% party carry weight, -20% wages for workshops and +30% party carry weight, Caravans gather trade rumours and mark item prices relative to the average price, Workshops gather trade rumours and mark item prices relative to the average price, +10 income for every villager party that enters town, +25 income for every caravan that enters town, +1 renown for every profitable shop you own, +1 renown for every profitable caravan you own, Caravans have more elite troops and return 5000 gold when destroyed, +70% town taxes while waiting and shops give 5000 gold when captured by an enemy, +20% production for grain, olive, fish, and dates in "bound villages", +20% production for clay, iron, raw silk, and silver in "bound villages", Caravans and workshops generate influence, Quadruple settlement prosperity growth while you wait there, Less influence needed to summon vassals for war, If you're leading a siege, any party that leaves or enters the area must engage your army first, -40% food consumption in a settlement while you're under siege, Faster recovery for villages after being raided, +20% healing rate for party while stationary on world map, +10% healing rate for party while moving on the world map, -50% party speed penalty due to wounded members, Medicine recovery chance also applies to enemies, +30% chance of siege bombardment casualties being wounded instead of being killed, +20% village hearth growth rate and +20% party healing rate when waiting in villages, +1 prosperity each day for every town project related to health and sanitation, One-time chance to avoid death when terminally ill, +30% chance per day for a lame horse to recover, +30% construction speed for castles and walls, Enables construction of fire-throwing siege engines, +20% increased bombardment damage vs other siege engines, +60% effectiveness for default town projects. Maintain a high morale score and amass larger number of troops in your army. Mount&Blade allows a high level of customization, but the many options and combinations can confuse new players. Locations obscured from above are revealed after the character travels nearby - this applies primarily to underground and underwater passages. Best free PC games While it’s awesome fun to be able to use characters, droids, and ships from all eras of the Star Wars universe, you don’t really have control over which side you can play as. For instance, in the “Tips and Tricks” loading screen while you wait to get matched up, there are sometimes random things that aren’t really “tips” per se but rather Easter eggs for fans (e.g. American Life and Audio books 12,389 views Since your bow prevents you from using the shield in ranged combat, a small, quick shield (like the Cavalry Shields) is probably the best choice. The compass shows an overhead view of various features centered around the player character. Its features depend on the character's profession mechanic: Elite specializations have the capability of altering the contents of the profession mechanic bar. After a PvP season has ended, players will have the badge for the division they were in when the season ended. Picking the Light or the Dark side is random, at least, for this beta version. The blind condition is indicated by darkened and fading edges. Disable Events and Personal Story - The content guide will only point towards map completion objectives, prioritizing hearts based on distance and character level.