Perhaps, you could ask him whatever happened to the VERY young girl, a teen-ager he used to take to his office regularly at PN Hqs and whom he used to pass off as his "cousin" back in the 90s when he was N5 (Asst Chief of Naval Staff for Plans and Programs) under Vice-Admiral Dumancas, another philandering military officer of the first category (his wife and his girlfriend then slapped each other in church causing a REAL cause celebre in the AFP earning Dumancas the ire of DND Sec Rene de Villa)...Dean, I understand that a naval officer may look good, feel good and seem good even when he's not in uniform but don't let his naval officer tone deceive you...heheheh!Rex, a gentleman? It is – (demo. Jan-Feb:  Uptrend Sell on Strength top ten stocks foreign buying and selling. 10) ‘Kuhangera’ is dived from Tagalog ‘kuha’ meaning ‘take’. The Saudi king pulled a mini-Mariel boatlift on Gloria. In the first place, why do Filipinos have to kapit sa patalim abroad? meaning ‘big’. neither you nor your pieties, nor pass to my pity. to harry the breed in the sties of contempt, servility's creatures, wearing servility's livery--. If he doesn't go, he and his family will surely starve. Pray tell me, which wife does he take to these lunches? 30) ‘Yading’ is derived from Tagalog and Tausug ‘bayad’ meaning ‘fare; pay’. Another 76 words (5 lines of text) are included under the topic Early Bobo History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. Pero hinding hindi ka YAYAMAN  (But you will NEVER get RICH). Hahah!Really? Girlash – (n) means ‘girl’ This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Bobo research. means ‘not good’ Sensitive, the champion of "responsible journalism." She has not shown any hint of at least sharing responsibility for the situation that forces thousands Filipinos to find work overseas. Among the Trading Groups in Facebook, Traders Apprentice Pilipinas seems to be the most well organized. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. 6) ‘Chipipay’ is derived from an English term ‘cheap’. What a load of crap this Punggok is trying to sell to us. On the other hand, my survey proved that this ‘pidgin’ is brought by the intention of these group of people, the gays, to observe confidentiality of whatever issues or business they have in such a way that nobody can comprehend it except those who belong to the groups. 19. Tisa – (n) means ‘ gay’ ( syn. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Oyas – (v) means ‘to leave’; ‘to go away’ She knows how to buy into a Pinoy's body and soul.On the other hand, we've got Dean here who thankfully could read through her every move. Ayaw kilalanin ng mga elitista . Madda – (n) means ‘mother’ 12) ‘Lafang’ is derived from English ‘food’. Pro) means ‘this’ Please visit the site more often. Hihihi! Asked WHY he was doing that, he said this. 23) ‘Tera’ is derived from Tagalog ‘ingitera’ meaning ‘envious’. In linguistics, reduplication is a morphological process in which the root or stem of a word (or part of it) or even the whole word is repeated exactly or with a slight change.. Reduplication is used in inflections to convey a grammatical function, such as plurality, intensification, etc., and in lexical derivation to create new words. This gives us the analysis about the gays’ attitude of being ‘jolly’ and ‘funny’ as reflected in the choice of words they use. 4) Orocan – is derived from a plastic product called Orocan. 21) ‘Rock-a-by’ is derived from Tausug ‘nalarak’ meaning ’destroyed’. The English language is also a source of which some words are derived from. Wis – (Ind. Can't and won't believe her now or in the future.Like Dean, am absolutely NO fan of the government of Saudi Arabia nor of governments in a few Middle Eastern countries. Bah... Technical Sgt Juan Palikero is probably more of a gentleman than Rex, a Johnny Enrile crony of the dubious kind. DJB,forgot to mention it here (although I did say it in my blog)that your vist was an honor...I remember pati nung nagstart pa lang ako mag blog you visited din kahit medyo diary type ang blog ko.again ,Many thanks!going back to my dad's articles:I found a couplke of more articles which I posted.