Appreciate it. These estimates seem crazy high to me. I am nowhere near the league of these bigger Patreon Cruisers, but I can provide some insight. On top of that, video recording equipment is about $5,000/year. I would think so too. Bikinis, boats, music and FUN! Our water ballast trailer sailboat is maxed out on full sails. I also don't mean to imply that $30K is a sure thing, it's mostly apparent that it's like having a $30K/year job where they are producing content incrementally. Wes from Wicked Salty has a degree in film production (he said so on a facebook post to me). Saving this for later. Look at any serial content on YouTube and they ALL have some sort of a "subscribe here" and "check out some of our other videos" and "stay tuned for next week when...". Best known for his work in Friday The 13th (1980), Friday The 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter, Maniac (1980), The Burning, and so many others. We have the same taste in sailing channels. We can see that getting 1% of their youtube subscribers to pledge funds to support channel content would be huge for any of these cruising channels. Patrons tend to come from all corners of the world, and postage can really add up. I can't get this stuff on TV, so I'm not sure how else I would get a somewhat insiders view to the lifestyle. Tula's Endless Summer. For instance Delos has 83 creator posts on their page, maybe they only get the revenue for the number of patrons they have and the aggregate pledges for the posts they make through the site. As for our top sailing youtube channels, listed in no particular order. I don't know anything about the business side of patreon but I'm inferring all of this from the public information I've reviewed, I don't know how much a commission Patreon takes, or how operations works with people pledging and not remitting or people signing up and not understanding that the payments aren't fixed. New Banner and icon by u/emeetswvrld, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. $1/video) don't care as much about you releasing a ton of videos, and they make up majority of your income on your 3rd or 4th video release in a month. Great research 4d2! We escaped the traditional 9-to-5 life, sold our belongings, and left an idyllic Southern California lifestyle in search of what lies beyond the horizon. Sailing La Vagabonde | Australian Couple Youtubers. You’ve all heard of the sailing vlogs, Sailing La Vagabonde and SV Delos; if you haven’t, try to find a bottle jack or pry bar or something and see if you can get out from under the rock you’ve been living, then go to YouTube and type in ‘I’ve been living under a rock and I want to watch sailing youtube channels.” You definitely need to consider the monthly cap, as your income for each successive video released is roughly halved (then reset again at the beginning of the month obviously). I think it is great to support an artist that you like but I was surprised at how much Delos is making on it. The other thing I like about this whole process is that those funds can be used to give small firms the relevant production experience necessary to gain more traditional jobs down the line. Welcome aboard! Their penetration is about the same 3.5M, .1% that seems like a magic number. I am a Patreon Cruising Channel (Shaun Sailing). Those videos help me dream. Additionally, the crappy ones get downvoted pretty readily. So it isn't about generating ad revenue but simply donating based on their content production. The crew decided to sell everything, buy a sailing boat and set sail. Dm me on insta, I don't really use reddit to dm. I'm not suggesting it's easy to see their financials, there would be a lot of variables but if they continue to post content weekly at these levels these #'s would likely hold up. So Drake Paragon MAY get about $3,000-$5,000/year. Check out FreeRange sailing if you haven't already. So it's a lot of work. I enjoy watching some of the videos but I don't support any other than with the occasional thumbs up on youtube. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Pearson 424, Beneteau 60, Laser, Dockrell 27. Still I think I'd be happy to let others be the 1% on it. Just go to Patreon and search the people. The way I see it, I get more pleasure from those videos than I do from any of the shows I watch on Hulu and Netflix. When Delos started their campaign they weren't making $5300 an episode, likely a lot less so it wouldn't be that they received $440k for their content, just that their incremental value annualized would be $5300*40. Local fisherman give advice about water depth near Boca Chita and Elliott key.Uncensored and raw cut videos available: Sailing Adventure Apparel: Gillenwater, Sail Away and be Free: Continue to shop on Amazon using this link! i usually look for new samples in these channels: guernica0206 THIS GUY IS F***ING OUT OF HIS MIND, buddy daoud 73 playlists of awesome samples, robert flack not awesome as the last ones, but its awesome too. Edit: I also forgot to mention the costs of sending out rewards. In the end though I guess it is more self promotion than anything else and thus spam. So this is highly variable income. (Untie the Lines) 187 patrons, $900/video 26K youtube subs, .7% penetration 70% low tier/ 7.5% mid tier/ 7.5% high tier $36K revenue. Ill be checking these out in a lil bit forsure. At the $45K revenue level *. Sort of an initial excitement and then a dropoff. We can see that getting 1% of their youtube subscribers to pledge funds to support channel content would be huge for any of these cruising channels. This is fucking amazing, already found a couple stuff that would be great. It's interesting to see the increase is available videos, and the consistency that these guys upload videos, now that there is a way for them to make money out of it. They ought to get banned if they're posting their own blogs/vlogs. Resolute Sets Sail Newer and I think both are photographers in the Sea of Cortez right now. That's good context, I thought about perhaps there being some kind of cap for pledges but didn't have anything about that. The break even cost for labor alone would be in the $40K/year range. Petru. In addition to any digital rewards, I send out t-shirts and postcards (soon to be adding beer koozies to that list!). In short these are very naive estimates of revenue but if anyone has more info then they can set me straight. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If I was someone considering cruising for a year or more, then you can bet I'd want to see what it was like, and I'd be likely to support via patreon so that I could some name recognition and get first in line for Q&A time for someone that is in a similar demographic. The 50-100 hours is probably pretty likely but I wonder if that is a curve that goes down as they build up their skills and methods over time? All of this is very interesting. I think there is a line. Sailing SV Delos Channel. It would be interesting to study. I'm categorizing the tiers by $5 or less low, $10-20 mid, $20+ high. Obviously there's more that I could go into, but I don't wanna make you guys read a book. T-Shirts in small batches cost $20 per shirt to produce and then that again for postage. OP you've added the wrong link for the Hip Hop Samples channel; it leads to the Book of Acapellas channel instead. Without knowing more about the operations it's hard to say how realistic these revenues could be. That's pretty much a global rule of reddit. From my understanding, most people only pledge the value for one video, so that total received per month is the value of about 1.5 videos (not the four mentioned). There isn't a pay wall or anything to access the videos, but it is self promotion. 346 patrons $2750/video, 53K youtube subs Penetration .6% 62% low tier 26% mid tier 12% high tier $110K per year revenue, 154 patrons $1138 per video 19K youtube subs Penetration .8% 80% low tier/15% mid tier/5% high tier $45K revenue, 104 Patrons $484/video 19K Youtube Subs Penetration .5% 83% low tier/17% mid tier/0% high tier site does not reconcile levels and total count for some reason $20K revenue, 561 patrons, $5.3K/video 63K youtube subs, .9% penetration 55% low tier/25% mid tier/21% high tier $212K revenue, (Untie the Lines) 187 patrons, $900/video 26K youtube subs, .7% penetration 70% low tier/ 7.5% mid tier/ 7.5% high tier $36K revenue, All of this is very interesting.