The album features numerous guests, including three of Eno's former Roxy bandmates (guitarist Phil Manzanera, … Here Come the Warm Jets is the debut solo album by British musician Brian Eno, released on Island Records in January 1974. Oh I can hear it when that old song starts to play 'Cause I can feel it 03 “Alabama” [Verse 1] 01 “Become The Warm Jets” 03/14-03/16 Austin, TX @ SXSW 05 “No Words” # w/ Andrew W.K., Zola Jesus, Titus Andronicus, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya and more. The powerful synths break the building pressure of the song into an escape from the dark worlds, real or imaginary, I have created in my head. The band’s newly released single, “Become the Warm Jets” takes a musically different route than common Current Joys releases. 04/06 Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s Locker Room Eno has stated that the term refers to the guitars: “The title Warm Jets came from the guitar sound on the track of that name, which I described on the track sheet as ‘warm jet guitar’, because it sounded like a tuned jet.” However, there are rumors that it has a more sexual meaning – that is, that it refers to a “golden shower”, especially since the cover art includes a playing card with a picture of a woman urinating on it. [Verse 3] Los Angeles creative Nick Rattigan has played music as Surf Curse and directed Girlpool’s “123” video, and his main focus at the moment is another band called Current Joys that brings his audio and visual pursuits together. 02 “Fear” 04/13 Toronto, ON @ Smiling Buddha When those warm jets start to roar Or just enough so I can go to sleep A Different Age is out 3/2 via Danger Collective. 03/29 Sacramento, CA @ Sol Collective The situations always differ, but certain symptoms remain the same: The pain in my chest, the incessant repetition of thoughts, and the isolating of my close friends. Watch “Become The Warm Jets” below. When those warm jets take me away View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First +2. Cutting through my body in familiar ways 03/17 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada NSFWknd * Here Come the Warm Jets song meanings Add your thoughts 6 Comments. Ticketmaster Plans To Check COVID Vaccine Status For Concerts, CMAs Wanted “No Drama” Tonight But There Is Already So Much Drama, Hear Pauline Anna Strom’s “Marking Time” From First New Album In 30 Years, Marilyn Manson Hangs Up On Interviewer When Asked About Evan Rachel Wood’s Abuse Allegations, Blackpink Anger China By Improperly Handling Baby Panda While Wearing Too Much Makeup. I always thought he was saying "waiting to pee", hence warm jets. The first, “Become The Warm Jets,” pays homage to Brian Eno’s Here Come The Warm Jets as well as the work of German film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder through its use of color and depiction of intimacy. Give me everything I ever need The Lyrics for Become the Warm Jets by Current Joys have been translated into 3 languages. 09 “Fox”, 03/09 Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room (A Different Age LP release show) The most important stories and least important memes, every Friday. The musical style of Here Come the Warm Jets is a hybrid of glam rock and art rock, similar to Eno's previous album work with Roxy Music but with songs that are more quirky and experimental. Warm Jets were a British pop indie band, who had two UK top 40 singles and a top 40 album in 1998. 06 “In A Year Of 13 Moons” Next thing you'll be telling me that After the Heat and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts mean something freaky-deaky. 03/27 Arcata, CA @ Outer Space He’s planning to release the latest Current Joys LP, A Different Age, as a visual album — that’s the cover art up above — and today we’re premiering videos for its first two songs. It was important to make the characters faceless so the audience could take away different meanings, however, the video itself is latent with personal artifacts from my past. 03/30 San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel * w/ Porches, Public Access TV These warm jets act as both a grand conclusion to the slow burning ballad, as well as a sonic invitation into the record. My mind consistently assumes the worst and I am trapped inside these dark holes, leaving my nervous system in a constant state of fear. 04/08 Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMoCA It is usually impossible to break out of this hole, so I turn to music. 04 “Way Out Here” Rattigan explains: The video, like the song, represents clinging onto your own ideas of nostalgia. These three elements from various stages of my life culminate in a warm red light embrace, but soon become cold in the harsh light of reality. 04/09 Brooklyn, NY @ Park Church Co Op The scene when all those warm jets swallow me The meaning of the term “warm jets” in the title of this song has been quite a source of speculation since its release. Throughout writing this record, it peaked at debilitating levels. 'Cause I can feel it It was recorded and produced by Eno following his departure from the band Roxy Music, and blends glam and pop stylings with avant-garde approaches. 03/31 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room at the Observatory I wanted to create this same effect at the end of the song with the crescendo of synths washing over the listener. If ‘Warm Jets’ is a dance with the past, then ‘Fear’ is an anthemic outcry for the future. The meaning of the term “warm jets” in the title of this song has been quite a source of speculation since its release. 04/14 Lansing, MI @ Mac’s It centers and calms me down whenever I feel like I’m spiraling down, but it’s still melancholy enough that I can use it as a sad song, but at the same time it sounds sort of hopeful and can sound happy. The useless seems to matter more and more I ask the listener, ‘is it me or is it you who can’t relate?’ Nostalgia can satisfy us with temporary comforts, but we are eventually consumed by the warm jets we surround ourselves with, unable to relate to the present… As the guitar riff repeats and the volume increases, you are overwhelmed by the sentiments of the past. For instance, The Hard Rock Cafe jacket is reminiscent of my hometown of Las Vegas. Consumed and enthused by all that came before 04/03 Chicago, IL @ Schubas 03/19 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge These warm jets act as both a grand conclusion to the slow burning ballad, as well as a sonic invitation into the record. What is he saying at the end of the title track? The group's name derives from Brian Eno's 1973 album, Here Come the Warm Jets.