Kassandra is taken aback by this discovery and takes Nikolaos' Helmet and Sword. 'Epic ships' sail in the outer reaches of the game map, which will grant the player exclusive cosmetics if taken down. Following the release of the second chapter of the three-part DLC Legacy of the First Blade, entitled Shadow Heritage, the DLC drew criticism from the LGBT+ community for a developer decision and the corresponding achievement. How to Obtain: Complete quests “The Final Battle” or “Nemesis”. Kassandra, however, survived the fall, and escaped to the beach with the spear. The Dagger of Kronus boosts Warrior & Dagger Damage. How to Obtain: Defeat Kleon the Everyman. [6] It will receive weekly updates post-release. After Layla explores Kassandra's memories further she discovers the location of Atlantis and along with her team, she boards the Altaïr II and travels to the island of Santorini. After that, Kassandra heads to Kythera Island and helps a man calling himself a god, by first freeing him and then returning a medalion to him that was stolen. This is a great bow to equip when focusing on damage over time & dealing poison-based damage attacks. Then they continue their questions thay head for each other. Also if she publicly execute The Monger she will have no choice but to kill Lagos the Archon, a cultist who is friends with Brasida. Kassandra offers to help the Spartans take down the Athenians in Megaris, in exchange for a meeting with the Wolf. As a child, Kassandra was presented with the broken Spear of Leonidas, an Isu weapon, as an heirloom by her mother. Er soll dabei helfen, die Wahrheit über die eigene heldenhafte Abstammung erfahren zu können. Altersfreigabe She is angered by this due to the fact that Markos owed her money. In 446 BCE the Pythia Praxithea at Sanctuary of Delphi prophesied that Kassandra's younger brother, the baby Alexios, would lead to the fall of Sparta in the future. D&D Beyond GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. Use Ikaros to scan mercenaries to check if they're carrying this legendary weapon. If Kassandra choses to help the soldiers she kills the wolfs but then is criticized by both her mother and the Spartan soldiers for interfering with their training as she had broken the Spartan law and then they ride toward their house. Oktober 2018 Kassandra finds her mothers plan better so she heads to Fort Samikon and kills him. hero's sword As soon as she gets out of the cave she meets with Deimos. How to Obtain: Kill the mercenary with the title: “The Smoldering”. Then Kassandra heads to the throne room in Sparta to meet her mother and also to regain their house. Kassandra heads upstairs and gives Perikles the drugs and they both head to the balcony and speaks about going at his Parthenon, while Aspasia doesnt want that. She is to collect the Shroud of Penelope from some thieves. The Xiphos of Peleus can be looted from a legendary chest in the Artemisia Fort in Kos, Southern Sporades. Kleon the Everyman is the sage of the Delian League, and unlike other sages, is revealed as part of the main storyline, where you will be forced to encounter and kill him. Weapon Category List. Soon enough, Hippokrates and Sokrates show up telling her that they need to find Perikles since he is missing but Kassandra wants to speak to Aspasia first and Hippokrates tells her that she should be at the Parthenon looking for Perikles so Kassandra heads there to only find Deimos killing Perikles inside the Parthenon while he was praying and leaves. The Xiphos of Dionysos gives a +20% damage boost to the Hero Strike ability. Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch (JP only)Stadia Though he seems unaffected about his men's massacre, he offers Kassandra a deal. It also boosts Warrior & Bow Charged Attack Damage. After turning in polemarch seals, you'll activate a Conquest Battle - achieve victory to receive this spear. It's best to use Ikaros to scan the mercenary & check if they're carrying this weapon. Kassandra heads to Aspasia who informs her that Perikles is dying and if she helps Perikles by giving his drugs she will find time to talk about her mother. ESRB rating Grateful for this, he offers her place on his ship, the Adrestia, as its Commander. [8] 28 city-states feature in the game, each of which is allied with either Sparta or Athens. That makes Deimos understand that he was fighting for the wrong cause and the three of them cuddle with each other as a reunited family. You must face the mercenary Kimon of the Ashen Wake to get this bow. The Mercenary System has rankings, and at higher rankings, players will be able to unlock certain perks, such as discounts. Legendary weapons are unique & powerful weapons that you acquire throughout the game. Reportedly, the game is a "full RPG," and will push the franchise into this genre. Daggers are fast weapons that are … Kassandra heads there and hears a child crying, so she heads inside the temple to find Chrysis and a little child crying in the alter. The Vine Bow grants +11% Hunter Damage, +9% Damage with Bows on Distant Targets, +25% Hunter Damage but has -15% on your overall Armor. As soon as Kassandra arrives there Herodotus reaches for her spear and flashbacks of Leonidas final come through his mind. Genre By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. However, you'll receive -15% to your health if it is equipped. That’s where our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey guide wiki comes into play to give you a helping hand. Brasidas tries to kill him but gets injured and Kassandra starts fighting with Deimos. Kassandra goes to see Elpenor and produces Nikolaos' helmet. After killing every member of the Cult, Kassandra heads back at their lair and touches the pyramid which triggers a vision of Pythagoras telling her to take the Staff of Hermes and keep the balance on the world, between chaos and order. Myrrine gets outside and Kassandra sneaks in from the back showing her the spear of Leonidas and tells her that Alexios is still alive, but its the Cults weapon now. Spielbare Charaktere Assassin's Creed Wiki ist eine Fandom-Videospiele-Community. As the memory ends, Aspasia shows up, revealing that she was the leader of the Cult, but took a detour, since she say a future with all people united for the greater good and for that the pyramid has to be destroyed. Archidamos promises to her that if this is true than he will announce her a Spartan citizen and will give her family their house. In combat, the hitbox system for enemies is used again. Kassandra discovers a cult uniform and a small triangle of Isu origin. Then Kassandra heads back to Sokrates at Perkiles residence to talk for the last part of the plan. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey As They enter inside, Kassandra firstly tells them the good news and blames King Pausanias for being a cultist member, but the lack of proof makes soldiers to take Kassandra out as Pausanias approaches her to let her know that he is the cultist member. It also boosts your Heavy Blunt Weapon Damage. ▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. She heads in Boeotia at the ruins of Sphinx Lair, to find the other artifact. Unfortunately Elpenor manages to escape, so Kassandra meets with Barnabas who introduces her to Herodotus who recognises the Spear on her back. Killing and looting it will grant you this heavy axe. You can locate him in Phokis, at the Cave of the Forgotten Isle. Mit einem eigenen, anpassbaren Schiff inkl. Then she heads to the Theater of Dionysos, to report back to Arstophanes. Engraving: Basic arrows become fire arrows. Odyssey uses a lot of the gameplay and interface mechanics of Origins, including the radial compass, and the return of a bird that can survey the landscape, spot treasure, and highlight and harass enemies. The Fanged Bow can be found inside the Cave of Mt. She's located at the Agora by the Theater of Dionysos in Greater Athens in the Attika region, located to the Southeast of the Akropolis on a balcony overlooking the nearby Message Board. It's best to stay away from enemies with fire arrows & weapons. With all four artifacts, Kassandra heads back to the island of Thera to put the artifacts at their steles, so they can seal Atlantis. Historic Action-Adventure AnvilNext 2.0 Then Kassandra heads back to Stentor who looks disappointed to see her again, but this is the best moment for Sparta to attack and win the war, so they both head into war to come victorious. For this you will need the Right Assassins Creed Odyssey Weapons and Gear. Here are all the current list of obtained Legendary Staff. Is There a Difficulty Achievement/ Trophy? Prometheus's Sika's unique engraving grants +15% Fire Damage and Buildup. Check Out Main Quest Walkthrough & Guide! She searches the house for more clues,until she hears Phobie screaming out loud, so she head there, but its too late. Vertrieb Assassin's Creed Odyssey is an action role-playing video game developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft.It is the eleventh major installment, and 21st overall, in the Assassin's Creed series and the successor to 2017's Assassin's Creed Origins.Set in the years 431–422 BCE, the plot tells a mythological history of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. Your Predator Shot Ability will also receive a +20% Damage bonus. As soon as she puts the spear in the structure, the game shifts in the modern days, where Layla is forced by her friend, to get out of the Animus. This system has been likened to the 'wanted level' in the Grand Theft Auto series. Sie weisen die höchste Angriffskraft auf, haben die besten Boni und zudem.. Romance options remain the same regardless of the character chosen. Rather than taking another year off this year, Ubisoft is bringing the series back with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, telling the tales of the Peloponnesian War with even more focus on action-role-playing gameplay. Then she together with Aspasia get inside the ship, while Hippokrates and Sokrates will give Phobie a proper burrial and help the poeple of Athens overcome the plague. The Xiphos of Peleus grants a +20% boost to the Rush Assassinate Ability - making it a strong sword to have for assassination missions. At some point when Deimos charges his attack upon Kassandra, a burning tree falls upon him and Kassandra tries to save him but gets hit by another burning tree and when she wakes up she finds herself at some kind of a prison, with Deimos behind the bars who wants to know the truth and Kassandra tells him that the Cult is using him to kill the whole family. Check Out Weapon List & Traits - Heavy Blunt, Mallet of Everlasting Flame - How to Get & Stats, Check Out Weapon List & Traits - Heavy Bladed, Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon - How to Get & Stats, Staff of Hermes Trismegistus - How to Get & Stats. They have the best statistics & unique engravings that grant you perks & boosts to abilities. While the Assassin’s Creed series has seen some changes over the past few entries, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey blows things right open.