This is an important observation you are making. 'Nature' has a philosophical meaning that is synonymous with 'an idea about reality'. Eliot says “I thought you were different. These do NOT sound the same as "DMT trips" or other trip reports, and the whole "your brain etc etc DMT trip at death etc etc." The r/Paranormal community is a place for believers and skeptics alike. Taking the air away from those who actually want to live. He asks her “Isn’t this what you wanted?”. The execution of software is a process that ceases; similarly, consciousness is a process that can cease. In this case that means that nature is entirely physical and governed only by the laws of nature (as we know them). He gives her a chance to live and she’s denied it. He has this fascination with death, the dying and dead things. He said he felt the moment he was brought back into his body and how disappointed he was. Wandering the earth aimlessly. Cookies help us deliver our Services. also, if energy cannot be destroyed, how would our consciousness, spirit, whatever you want to call it, stop existing. He’s going through a lot of guilt. This part here gives the hint of what is actually happening with Anna. He offers her to get up and walk out. This part is quite evil. He feels they are better off in the ground, six feet under. Though the people he encounters too had to deal with their own tragedies, they managed to learn from it, accept it and treasure … His love for movies and production has led him to write his well-received film explanation and analysis articles to help everyone appreciate the films better. You all say you’re scared of death. That Anna is actually dead and Eliot is helping her “cross over”. Nothing else explained after that. You should read through them, you might spend all night reading. We can be, and most likely are, wrong about our idea of what nature is. They experienced apports, which are objects that seemingly manifest from thin air. Paul begins to think that Anna is alive and tries to confront Eliot, but with no success. It's not just that science won't trust you, but you actually shouldn't trust yourself. All good things must come to an end, and with a show this complex and convoluted, there's a lot of explanation necessary after the series finale. There is no other energy to account for. The dead cannot breath warm air. Eliot can now go back to what he does best. This could be because Eliot has bugged the phone or just bad luck. Would love to see more shows or movies like it. Anna was proclaimed dead as there was no heartbeat or a pulse. Paul tries to work it with the cops to get a warrant to search Eliot’s place but the cops don’t believe him. is a hypothesis to explain NDEs, not a scientific fact. There are people with ideas about what nature is in science, but not the other way around. This happened to my grandfather. While the movie leads us to believe that Jack has “powers”, it is just that he is a kid with an inexplicable fascination. Many questions pop up right now. She wants to see herself once more before the funeral. So Near Death Experiences are the best thing in my opinion, I have proof of the afterlife because once I dreamed about my late uncle just after he died came to visit with me. This suggests that Eliot was driving and honking behind her. Paul panics and begins to head over to the cemetery. She has no pulse, and we assume her blood has been replaced by embalming fluid. theres a lot of stories of people who have basically flatlined on hospital beds or where at least induced for surgeries, where they could see and describe who was in the room and what they were doing from a view as if they were above everyone. And it was interesting that my dream had told me in an off handed manner I was the last person to "not" see him before his death. So Anna is alive. He spoke of where all of us were sitting in the waiting room and told us of a conversation that took place. "the cubes of otherworld" description: up, below and in all dirrections lay cubes, housing aproxamtly 500-1000 occupants per cube, spiratualy chained on the outside in a monstrous deformed, form. Heat energy in the brain dissipates into the surroundings as the body cools, and the chemical energy is transferred to other living organisms and into the ground during the process of decomposition. In the rain, she drives and is extremely distracted. This happens in the first scene with the piano teacher too. I think everyone would benefit from being educated about this, whatever the answers turn out to be, it adds a different dimension to things we experience in life and what we can anticipate afterwards or at death. She even asks why she can’t feel anything. After this, Anna wakes up and realizes she has been buried alive. this is a section of a document i wrote, was described as an SCP, but this is bsaed on acual places i saw in what i belive to be section of hell called tartrus. But she’s not yet dead, she’s alive. The problem with personal and subjective "evidence" is that it is just that: personal, subjective and not evidence. Eliot sees a little bit of himself in Jack and agrees to helping him (they both have crazy mothers). I LOVED The Good Place. I maintain it as a personal matter--proving it to others just doesn't seem so important. Later, when Eliot meets Jack, he tells him to not fear his “gift”. A great many people who die and are resuscitated come back with extremely detailed experiences that seem more real than their own real life. It could not have been created today. infact demon, SCP, human, angel, were INDISQUNIABLE in here, felt like very angry all-powerfull beaning very angry at all here, being licked by some worse fate than invisable "super lightning" , "super sayiens, and appolyon SCPS would cry like a BITCH in here, dished to a mere HUMAN, GOd [REDRACTED]! Anna breathes onto the mirror and it fogs. Oh, and Jack is in on this kill too. machine ofton will repeat this process, in which more souls will be mixed togeather, eventualy what appears to be thousonds even millions of souls are stuck to the walls of the machine, being tormented by large rollers keeping them all in an indesinquable grotesque mass of flesh. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It’s all in her mind and the drugs are adding to it. Read on. Just curious to know what you guys think. i can only say i believe from what ive seen in some documentaries. But it's easily explained, our idea of what is natural is just that, an idea. That idea can be wrong and most likely is wrong. This he tries to tell Paul. For me, the best evidence is a robust and profound encounter. Hmm, what can I say here without giving away crucial elements of the story… well, it’s a great film, makes for a really awesome catch-up. Eliot, who follows him, gets to Paul and injects him with the “magic drug”. This kid is a little dark. I still find it a bit odd that the scientific method and rules of evidence are invoked to "prove" that super-nature, that which is beyond the natural, exists. They altogether make a corroborative narrative of other levels of existence outside the world of our physical sensory organs and physical body. Her body is presumably dead. He’s haunted by paranormal events and terrible dreams. Paul screams out in pain and dies. Well here’s why. "After.Life" is a strange movie that never clearly declares whether Anna (Christina Ricci) is dead or alive.